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in-memory technology, quick data access and business analytics


Quick data access and smart business analytics with SAP HANA
In-memory technology opens up new possibilities

Thanks to SAP HANA, SAP Business One is even more powerful because the in-memory technology speeds up the data processing. Accelerated data processing is especially interesting if you want to quickly analyze Big Data. Because Big Data depend less on the size of the business but rather on the number of transactions, Big Data for reporting is also being produced in small or midsize enterprises (e.g. retail, wholesale distribution, engineering or construction).

A completely new, modern and intuitive user interface complements the new technology of SAP Business One Version for HANA what considerably facilitates working with the system.

Business analytics for SAP Business One

SAP Business One Version for HANA provides powerful dashboards with critical, up-to-date business data, for example cashflow, operative margin, accounts receivables and operating result. You can simply create your own individual Cockpit in SAP Business One Version for HANA by selecting the pre-configured dashboards you require.

In addition to the standard reports, the Cockpit is intended to be modified and enhanced by company-specific reports.

Quick data access – benefit to all employees

Especially the employees in the financial department have a better overview of the business situation based on the accurate, up-to-date business data. Instead of finding themselves dealing with a flood of data from different systems and departments, they can focus on the daily business development, detect critical trends and take action if necessary.

In the sales department, the employees benefit from the improved order management. Based on the sales data, they can determe immediately what products were most commonly purchased and are able to make recommendations. In addition, dashboards visualize each customer’s purchasing behavior.

The purchasing and warehouse functionality provide the employees reliable information about warehouses and inventory levels. In addition, the material requirements planning helps you plan and optimize future material requirements.
Reports & KPIs